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Happy Wedding Anniversary Messages For Wife With Cute Love Images

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for wife, the only strong relation in this world is of husband and wife. They support every other no matter how tough and hard to survive yet they are always stands jointly and face all difficulties for making solid. As in action you display your love to your wife it is as needed in terms also. So show your love to your wife and thanks a lot her for all past and future calm she gives to you.


The hearts remarks for you, you are not just beautiful by your face you are also lovely by heart and by soul. Happy marriage anniversary to my sweet wife!

A happy marriage life is the goal of every one and I achieve this goal successfully in all final years. Happy marriage anniversary to my wife who bring extra happiness in my life!

You are my princess, full and the world, the way you support me all through the life is only speechless. Happy marriage anniversary to the queen!


Our mutual standing becomes more ordinary in the 1st year of marriage. Happy marriage anniversary to the excellent and respected wife!

I was a small man whenever we met, you made me guy. I was idiot when we met, you offered me with wisdom, I was a passenger with no location, and you provided me with a purpose and objective of life.

Our faith on you became more powerful and harder in each pass year; it is just because of your truthiness, patience and has confidence in on me. Happy marriage anniversary!


As the every 12 months of our marriage goes my as and faith on you also getting more and more, Happy marriage anniversary!

Work hard and be simple to everyone, which I learn from you in your partnership. Happy marriage anniversary to my beautiful wife!

You are fortunate for me; there comes a lot of achievement and fame for me. Happy marriage anniversary to the queen!


I see that we have just met, our love and attraction is still fresh. I can’t imagine how time is moving with you. So we have spent another year of happiness jointly. May we always be happy and stay with each other.

 I sometimes think what was going to occur with me when I was not married to you. Certainly I was going to die or I was going to encounter a life full of worries and sorrows but I am grateful to god that we both met.

I made big accomplishments in my lifestyle, also enjoy a lot yet the almost all precious thing I ever got in my life was attaining you. I am really prided to get you as my wife.


many people have relations but the relationships are just about names and formalities. I am really grateful that our relation is an instance of love for others. I always owe you regard.

our relation to you is not a relationship of husband. My relation to you is a relation with an unlimited like, a relation of soul, a relation that can never be suffered and a relation that is solid enough to fight with the whole world.

Thanks for keeping me whenever I was going to fall, thanks for helping me when whole globe goes against me. Thanks for accepting me when the whole world declined me.


This day have a best significance near me because that was the day whenever we both got engaged in relation. I can forget my name yet I can never forget this day, the day you came I my life and my life switched to a paradise.

Let’s create this world the proof of my such as, let’s display this world how much we love every other let’s just fly against the winds collectively and tell the whole world about this day, the day we met.

I am thankful for what you did for me, for all the nice smiles you gave me, for all the kisses of my morning hours, for all the breakfast and meals, for all the moments we spent together.


You flows In our  blood, you beats with my coronary heart, you comes to my breathes whenever I am tired, you with me anytime I am alone, you will be in my spirit when I will die.

I saw God. You understand how? I can see God every time when I see you. My God is great because He offered me with you. You seems to be his blessing on me. I can never believe of a single moment without you.

A stunning red rose at the end of all these beautiful marriage 12 months. Happy marriage anniversary to the beloved wife!


My all years with your partnership are great and fabulous. Happy marriage anniversary to the fantastic wife!


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