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25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Wife Silver Jubilee Quotes

25th wedding Anniversary Wishes: Quotes about love that’s meant to be, nice wishes and cute greeting cards that create everyone go away all this and a lot even more are the order of the day when a couple finishes twenty-five years of being married to every other. Very few people are fortunate enough to develop old together and achieve this beautiful milestone. Think of it as a opportunity if you have a chance to compliment a couple for their Silver wedding anniversary. Remind the husband and wife of all the fantastic moments they had in the past and the elegant years that lie ahead. Whether it is for your mom and dad, colleagues at work, friends or somebody in the family mark this occasion with gorgeous messages, speeches and gifts to match! Poke the couple on social media by publishing romantic stuff on Facebook and discussing funny quotes about marriage on Pinterest.


Twenty five years seem like a long times but the life’s severe routine makes them go by in a jiffy. To hold up solid through the highs and lows of this rut is certainly not easy. Here’s to a like, that was truly meant to be permanently. Happy anniversary

In theory marriages are made in Heaven but for all other practical reasons, a twenty five year long relationship is made by the tireless efforts of a lovely couple like you. Happy 25th anniversary

May these 25th years of your relationship life be the prologue of a timeless fairy tale with a beautiful ending. Happy silver anniversary


From the era of liking every other in class to liking each other on Facebook, your relationship has come a good way. Happy 25th anniversary

Best wishes for discovering the many sought after secret the key of a happy marriage. Happy 25th.

A couple like you is living proof of the fact that love is an expense. The more you put in it, the extra it gives back. Happy 25th.


Love is meant to be PERMANENTLY. But in true lifestyle, it takes many a compromise and unlimited patience to create it happen. Best wishes on your 25th anniversary

It actually seems like all the beautiful quotes about like on Pinterest, were produced just for you! Happy anniversary to the greatest couple in the world

Couples like you want to be paraded down the streets so everybody can see what true love actually looks like. Best wishes for your Silver Jubilee.


Everyone can make guarantees, but very few people can keep them permanently. Happy anniversary.

Like would have a better status if there were more couples like you and the planet would be a better place if there were even additional parents like you. Happy 25th anniversary

Even a bespoke vintage wine cannot match the wonderful texture and nice flavor of your 25th year long marriage. Best wishes for your 25th wedding anniversary.


Like has little meaning, if it ends away. Best wishes for nurturing yours, till this pretty day. Happy anniversary

Your 25th year long happy marriage is proof of the truth that fatal attraction is not fatal right after all. Happy 25th anniversary

There is nothing better than love that continues forever. Happy 25th anniversary


Your completely happy and 25th year long marriage should be personified, molded and transformed into a museum show so that others can see the real meaning of real love. Happy anniversary

A diary log of every solitary day of your lives together as a couple and a family members should be archived so that long term generations can learn the actual meaning of true love and carnal bliss. Happy 25th anniversary

This anniversary is not only a milestone of one more 12 months of being together… it is an official accounts that your love is really forever. Happy 25th


What is known as such as and love in novels, is actually dedication and sacrifice in real lifestyle. Your tale is a timeless and beautiful instance, of what it takes to be husband and wife. Happy anniversary.

Everybody becomes old one day or another. But to age superbly together, with someone you love, is a enjoyment not everyone has. Best wishes for being the chosen ones. Happy 25th anniversary.

On your twenty five wedding anniversary today, let loose and feel such as a teenage couple again. Remember that everything otherwise in life is transitory, and just memories will stay. Happy anniversary


Not being tired of viewing every other’s face for twenty battle long years of your lives is a really remarkable achievement. Happy anniversary

You both should write a book about your relationship. It should be titled, permanently. Happy anniversary

Only like how limestone becomes solid by curing over more years, your marriage has become indestructible by curing under like and care. Happy 25th anniversary


You both were too hectic to look at every other for twenty five years or too busy looking at every other for twenty five years. Whatever the case may be, wish you a happy 25th anniversary

It takes a 2nd to fall in like but a life time to display its worth. Best wishes on your 25th anniversary


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