Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes to Friends


Wedding anniversary just arrives annually with a lot of pleasure for the couple. Consequently, it ought to be celebrated very well so that it is a memory to maintain and endure forever. Right here we now have a rich collection about wedding anniversary wishes for friends as well as happy wedding anniversary messages, quotes and greetings for friends to wish an extremely exclusive anniversary.


Our specialists don’t miss to create the very best ever wedding anniversary wishes which are as well incredible to make your friend elegance and feel very special. Now, have a look to select the most suitable anniversary messages for a friend to send using a card or social media that you look for way more versatile. Best Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friends

I appreciate and admire the two of you for your dedication to your marriage. You might be an exemplary couple and I am fortunate and privileged to be your friend. Happy wedding anniversary

Viewing both of you is so impressive. You are the most stunning couples I have been thankful to meet and realize. Happy wedding anniversary

A wedding anniversary is a time to enjoy the thrill these days, the remembrances of yesterday and the expectations of tomorrow. Ensure it is remarkable!

I wish you best wishes as you begin an additional year of your lifestyles together. Happy wedding anniversary


May loves to keep on being the light that shows your existence, providing you with optimism years to come. happy wedding anniversary

One more year to be with each other, that’s for a record, I have to say. You guys rock! Live love to one another happy wedding anniversary!

May his passion among you, bring plenty of joy, and could that delight no one can eliminate! Happy wedding anniversary!


Anniversaries are times to signify the love that creates your marriage fantastic. Wishing you’ll still more desires come true, more delight, more adore for the two of you.

You get much better with each completing year and I hope that you have a lot more years with each other happy wedding anniversary.

Happy wedding anniversary to you may your exemplary marriage always distribute the radiance of affection and knowledge to any or all who know a person.


Why are the two of you still with each other so far? Perhaps god thinks that you will be the ideal match. Happy wedding anniversary!

Every year of marriage is very unique and distinctive and the spirit sings anthems of affection. We wish you to definitely hear this bright music eternally!

Happy wedding anniversary! Might the popular days be the testimony of your love for every other, it might have been happy all through, however, you take advantage of what’s there.

Top Funny Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friends

Congrats! Cheer’s to a different year of enduring and misery. Happy wedding anniversary!

A day of caring, a week after the fight, a month of battle, a year of marriage, happy wedding anniversary dear friend!

A married couple is very well suitable when both lovers typically desire for a fight at the same time. Happy wedding anniversary!


It appears as married life will abide by you, and I wish the ideal for both of you! Thank you for being my good friend! Happy wedding anniversary!

In order to keep marriage filled, with love in the loving cup, anytime you’re wrong – acknowledge it. Whenever you are right – shut up. Happy wedding anniversary dear!

Parties, dinners and get-together’s – we now have many egocentric reasons to obtain and wish both of you a great life ahead. Happy wedding anniversary


A wedding anniversary is the special event of love, trust, collaboration, patience, and tenacity. The order differs for any given year.

It looks like create get fed up with one another, given that you’re not just much-loved spouses, but additionally good friends. It’s extremely important in family relationships. Happy wishes on your wedding anniversary!


The lines and wrinkles on your faces aren’t indications of how much you have older, but exactly how attractively your marriage has made it the quality of time. Happy wedding anniversary

Being married is like in a battleground. You need to always get ready for the war. Happy anniversary although!

Best Marriage Anniversary Wishes to a Friend

A happy marriage will be based upon everything such as love, faithfulness, believe in, an idea in one another and you also are the best sort of keeping all these items and keep them developing.

You two fulfilled, the love expanded you tied the knot and promised to each other may god bless you to keep that promise, happy wedding anniversary!

As real as diamond may your relationship be, till the time in the world lasts, the ocean! Happy marriage anniversary!


You might be happily residing in a marriage for a lot of years and it’s a real happiness to see you celebrating this special event for often. Wishing you to maintain celebrating your love and your happy relationship, happy wedding anniversary!

May this gorgeous fantasy that is your relationship never ends. Might the miracle in your lives never ever stop? You both deserve a lot of enjoyment and I wish to hope you happy anniversary these days.


The most beautiful things I have observed are your love for one an additional over time. Happy anniversary my closest friends!

You adore each other, each time, may the milestones of the relationship you ascend!

Happy marriage anniversary!

Take advantage out of your marriage remain in adore with each other to remain the words of god in your hearts, happy wedding anniversary!


As you carry on to cherish your love for each other we would like you to realize that you are truly unique to us. We are praying for you. Happy anniversary

Fantastic wishes on your wedding anniversary, my friend, hope you are have been till the entire world ends! Happy wedding anniversary!

While residing together you begin to comprehend what it implies to go through all the pros and cons of life and stay united.


Best wishes on your marriage anniversary for the nicest couple that I realize. May your love for every other develop and grow, and just how strong is your relationship, to the world you might show! Happy wedding anniversary!

Anniversary Congratulations Wording For Friends

Congrats on another year of affection, laughter, and pleasure. Here’s to hoping you a lot more and a happy wedding anniversary.

The echo of the love and the sound of the ocean have a few points in accordance – they are continuous, soulful and everlasting. Hearty congrats on a wedding anniversary

Love is the truest cherish. Realizing that somebody loves you for a lot of years in spite of everything is valuable. And I’m very happy that you be thankful. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!


True relationships are whenever you do not have to make-believe to be someone else, simply to be enjoyed for being someone you are not. Congrats and happy wedding anniversary.

The best remembrances of a couple aren’t just the miracle of their first few kisses however the magic they produce every time they kiss for the rest of their lives. Happy wedding anniversary

Congratulations, you two are created for each other, absolutely nothing else matters, no one bothers, so here’s a wish, right from the coronary heart and real, may this anniversary, be the best one for you personally.


Life is very adjustable and nobody knows what’s forward, but I’m confident that so long as you stay with each other, everything is going to be fine.

Congratulations on your anniversary. This can be a time for remembering, happiness, and many of joy so grin and realize that you are considered during this unique time.

Not a very long voyage, your marriage is a journey. It’s not a love tale; your marriage is a legendary tale of love. Not a happy concluding, your marriage is a happy loop of special remembrances. Congratulations on anniversary.

Anniversary Quotes and Messages for Friends

You found one another a while ago. It’s therefore nice that you find a way to stay with each other by dealing with all the difficulties within your marriage living. Sincere hey there on wedding anniversary!

I alerted you on your big day and now I replicate, you are a kind of few whom no one can defeat! Happy wedding anniversary!

Upon your, counting on the other, adoring and nurturing that is what makes a relationship so nice and powerful! And you arrived at it. Best greetings and happy wedding anniversary!

Keep your hands and also have a promise that you’ll at any time be there for each some other just like you have been till now! Happy wedding anniversary

There were many amazing years of your life behind. And you will see lots of amazing years in advance. I congratulate  you on your wedding anniversary and desire you that the family pleasure would not go out!


This is a wedding day for you both and it’s an enjoyment to solute you both on this great event. Wishing you a tranquil, gorgeous life, with lots of magical occasions!

For your anniversary here is the best symphony, that imitates want to know the best part is you that is tranquility!

Happy wedding anniversary!

Marriage is those relationships between man and wife when the independence is the same, the reliance mutual and the responsibility reciprocal. Happy anniversary friend.

Whatever happens in life, your love remains a powerful one for each some other. Everything looks very easy for you two! Keep it up, perfect respect on this special occasion.


At this special event I am giving these heartfelt wishes to you, possess a happy anniversary. You might have always had me back. Both in good along with bad times. So I am here to signify with you on this wedding day.

With your love, may each other you relieve, and may your marriage be happy and easy! Happy wedding anniversary!


Friends are usually close to heart despite marriage, entertain love to your friend by growing happy wedding anniversary wishes for friends and enable them to realize that you are ever present to provide assistance and care.


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